Our Hiring Process

What to expect when you partner with our staffing firm.

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How The Process Works

When you connect with Staff Matters, you’re not treated like another number in the system. You’re treated like a person, a valuable individual with something to contribute to a top company in your area. Someone who matters.

Here’s what to expect:

Reach out to our recruiters

Call our office at (520) 647-9100. You’ll speak to a member of our recruitment team who will get some basic information from you and tell you more about our company and what to expect when working with us.
or Contact Us

Send your resume

Send your resume and other essential employment documents our way so we can review them.

Have a conversation

Connect again with your recruiter and have a conversation about your skill set, experience, background, and short- and long-term career goals. This allows our recruiters to get to know you and your vision for yourself in the future, which lets us better place you in a position you’ll love.

Start the interview process

After your recruiter has helped you apply to jobs that suit your needs, you’ll start the interview process

Follow up with your recruiter

Your recruiter wants to hear about your interviews and whether you’re ready to accept a placement – they’ll stay in touch with you to guide you through the entire process.

Begin the onboarding process

Once you’ve accepted a role, you’ll begin the onboarding process with the guidance of your recruiter.