Staff Matters was started in 2010 and within 4 years became the largest recruiting and staffing firm in Southern Arizona.  It is the only locally owned recruiting firm that has expertise in administrative, light industrial/labor, professional and technical recruiting all under one roof.

Geography is not a constraint for where we can place employees.  We can recruit candidates from anywhere in the U.S. for work anywhere in the world.  Our relationships in Southern Arizona have led us to work in many places including, as of 2017, 26 cities, 16 states and 3 countries.  In 2016, after doing some business in Phoenix, AZ for years, Staff Matters officially expanded into the Phoenix area.

Why Us

Staff Matters

We chose this name not just because it says what we do — recruiting, staffing and consulting — but because it is also a powerful message about the value of attracting and retaining good, talented people. Your staff is the single most important factor in your company’s success! It can make or break a company and a customer experience. We conduct all of our operations with this in mind as the most important reason for our existence.

We have the knowledge and resources that you would expect in the largest companies in our industry, but the customer focus and flexibility that you would expect from a local, small business.


Our team has a combined ~ 100 years of industry experience.  Staff Matters helps companies find people, and people find jobs in many job specialty areas.  Our diverse recruiting specialties, knowledge of and access to the workforce market gives us the ability to match businesses with candidates in a wide variety of jobs.

Nationwide Scope

The whole country is our playground. We have extremely large nationwide pools of candidates and we can funnel all of that down to just the few viable options that you are after. We can recruit people from anywhere in the U.S. for work anywhere in the world. Difficult to fill jobs are no problem; the impossible may take us a little longer.

Employer Testimonials

R.C. – General Manager

R.C. – General Manager

I just wanted to reach out to you in regards to [your recruiter]. He has been doing a fantastic job finding candidates for [us] that not only fit our needs, but the quality in work ethic from the candidates has greatly improved. He has made staffing for this season much easier for Brian and I, and we appreciate that very much. We are extremely happy with [your recruiter’s] efforts and we don’t want that to go unrecognized.

A.M. – Executive Vice President

A.M. – Executive Vice President

There are only two people besides my wife that I would trust with the PIN for my debit card. You are one of them.

S.M. – VP of Operations

S.M. – VP of Operations

Having worked with Staff Matters and their staff for nearly 8 years, I can wholeheartedly recommend them as a staffing and recruiting partner. Their staff is always professional but also enthusiastic when it comes to helping us achieve our staffing needs. They’re aggressive in their efforts, but offer a personal touch that is somewhat rare to find these days. They take the time to fully understand our specific needs in order to qualify candidates and help us avoid costly time being wasted. Their qualification process is something only hiring managers can value since the time needed to do this properly can be exhausting.

K.P. – HR Manager

K.P. – HR Manager

It is my pleasure to recommend Staff Matters as a top notch staffing agency. Every Staff Matters employee that I have worked with (recruiter, billing, receptionist, owner) has been positive, easy to work with and have met my needs in a timely manner. I have worked with Staff Matters for many years and have found them to be very professional, competent and helpful. Their screening process is excellent as we have always been sent reliable, productive people to fill our temporary staffing needs and have gone on to hire a lot of those people as our [own employees]. I have also used Staff Matters as a recruiter to fill permanent job openings such as Engineer, Buyer and Planner/Expeditor. We went on to sign an exclusive contract with them as our sole staffing agency.

A.M. – CEO

A.M. – CEO

[The team of recruiters] at Staff Matters have helped fill highly skilled technical positions across multiple disciplines. His team coached my new managers so they better understood how to develop targeted job descriptions leading to good selections of candidates to interview. We’ve hired direct and contracted through his company for technical and administrative positions. And I continue to use his services for the majority of our recruiting needs without hesitation. If there were to be issues or complaints, Garrett is the kind of business owner who would work tirelessly to resolve. Staff Matters is certainly worth giving an opportunity.

K.B. – Director, Human Resources

K.B. – Director, Human Resources

I absolutely remember about the healthcare, and it’s one of the other reasons why you all are top of my list. You were on top of the regulations before they were implemented and I am forever confident that people I payroll or hire through you are in compliance with anything the regulators want to drum up.

N.M. – VP, Human Resources

N.M. – VP, Human Resources

From a random business (non-customer):  I think you have a wonderful company and provide excellent service to anyone who asks, customer or not!

P.M. – CEO

P.M. – CEO

A business owner that we coached:   Scott was great Garrett.  He came in at the right times, pulled me aside at the right time and didn’t overstep but helped me to realign with my position and goals when it was getting muddy.

N.S. – Director

N.S. – Director

I’m grateful that we have found a local office who cares about their people to use for staffing.



P.S. Your professionalism and constant bragging about what a fantastic place Staff Matters is was epic, superheroish.

A.B. – Director, Human Resources

A.B. – Director, Human Resources

You have an amazing business model and a level of customer service that is unparalleled.

P.Q. – Director of Operations

P.Q. – Director of Operations

Staff Matters has done an incredible job building its company into Tucson’s best staffing solution.  Garrett has given a great deal of time and effort to the business and more importantly the community.  Being in the staffing industry in Phoenix, I do not [try to compete] in Tucson in respect of Garrett and his staff.  I have a great deal of respect for Garrett, professional and personally.

C.W. – HR Generalist

C.W. – HR Generalist

I wanted to pass on some positive feedback regarding [your employee].  She has truly done a tremendous job for us here and quickly become an intricle [sic] part of our team in a very short period of time.  She has such a positive attitude and a willingness to take on anything with little to no guidance.  As an HR department it is critical that our employees feel comfortable coming to us for anything and [she] has become our go-to resource for many of our employees!  This is not an easy task with a culture of employees who don’t always embrace the change in faces or trust very easily.  She has earned their respect and I am so grateful because it has been a significant help with the workload we have.

G.G. – Acting Plant Manager

G.G. – Acting Plant Manager

We are very happy with Staff Matters as an organization. Scott & Gloria are terrific. They are professional, courteous and pay attention to detail. The recruiting staff screen applications well and follow up well.  Your billing & payroll services are spot on. I would easily recommend Staff Matters, if asked, as recruitment agency.

D.G., Vice President

Staff Matters is awesome and I so wish I could have you at the table every single time. You are by far the best in the business in Tucson and I always appreciate your work and willingness to jump in and help. I bring you in whenever I have the opportunity!

J.B. – Talent Acquisition Specialist

Staff Matters has been instrumental in recruiting talent for our positions. The recruiting staff goes above and beyond expectations to ensure our needs are met. The team is reliable, knowledgeable, hardworking and skilled at what they do. We are fortunate to work with some of the most brilliant professionals within our community. We are thrilled to partner with you and your team! You guys have been amazing with all of our requests.

R.V. – Dept. Manager for a large business

I wanted to see how do we go about giving [your employee] a raise; he has been doing an excellent job handling the nightmare we had with our systems situation, we want to make we sure we retain him.

D.B. – Executive Director for a non-profit

Thanks, Linda. Yet another successful find! We’ll work this out with [him]. That is to say, I’ll ask [our other programmer] (whom we also found through you) to work it out with him.

Core Services

Direct Hire

Regular, full-time team members that work for you, on your payroll, from day one (also known as headhunting or recruiting services).

Contract To Hire

Team members that work for us initially but can become your own employees after a period of time.


Our team members working with yours to even out coverage for your workload.


This is NOT a paycheck printing or payroll processing service, but rather a way for you to find your own candidates, refer them to us to hire for you, and have them work for you as a contractor or temp for a period of time at substantially lower costs than if we had done the recruiting for you.

Free Services


We offer free expertise on prevailing salaries for a wide range of job classifications.


Proactively addressing some legal risks that that we see a client exposed to.


The legal framework that governs yours and an agency’s responsibilities with respect to agency empoyees that work for you.


Upon request, both for your own employees and for agency employees.


If you are having a significant layoff, we will come out and talk to your employees about job search tactics, resume tips, and information about current local job market conditions.


Subject matter experts, consultants, vendors, and sometimes customers.


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