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Building Companies One Talented Person At A Time

Our name says it all. The staff you have working for you matter – get it right, and your organization meets operational objectives, hits business and revenue goals, and sets itself up for future success. Get it wrong, and you have more than a bad hire that didn’t work out. You have wasted resources, money, and precious time, and you have to start all over again from scratch.
Get your hiring right the first time. Rely on Staff Matters’ recruitment experts to source and hire the people you need to get the job done. With more than 75 years of combined experience in the staffing and recruiting industry, our team knows what you’re looking for out of the candidates you seek. Reliable people with proven track records. Passionate, hardworking individuals with the experience and practical knowledge to make an impact on day one. Employees who aren’t just there for a paycheck, but the opportunity to contribute and make a lasting difference.
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Our Services

We offer a variety of staffing services to suit your needs, from temporary and direct hire to payrolling and more.

Keep production levels up without going over budget. We supply temporary workers to help you cover for absences or skills gaps, all without adding more staff to your payroll.

Avoid the costs and time waste associated with a bad hire. Try out an employee on the job before deciding whether to extend a direct offer of employment.

Let Staff Matters handle the sourcing and screening of job candidates to save you time and money. We streamline the hiring process, and you get the experts you’re looking for – it’s as simple as that.

Find and hire game-changing professionals for your organization’s executive roles. Choose from top candidates with the proven track records you’re looking for.

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